The Hub Seattle’s New Digs

Last Thursday, I got to take a tour of 220 Second Avenue South with the co-founders of The Hub Seattle, a co-working space for social benefit startups. The old Masin’s building will reopen as “The Center for Impact and Innovation” this October, a joint venture of Social Innovation Partners, The Bainbridge Graduate Institute and The Hub. Since new HQ of The Hub Seattle et al hasn’t been tricked out yet, this post is really just architecture porn. Nothing wrong with that.

The staircase shots really show off how spacious this building feels (I heart tall ceilings!). There will be a public cafe on the first floor at the base of the stairs, with Hub members-only workspace behind it on the 1st floor and above it on the 2nd.

1st floor – The walls you see here will be removed, so there will be more big, beautiful space.

View from the stairs – hello neighbor!

Views of the second floor. I’m not sure if these interior walls will stay put or if they’re getting knocked down in the buildout. The amazing ceilings will stay exposed.

If I remember correctly, the third and fourth floor will belong to The Bainbridge Graduate Institute and Social Venture Partners.

The basement is less creepy in person. It actually extends past the footprint of the building, and out about ten feet under the sidewalk.

I’m excited to see what the space will look like when it’s all gussied up and ready for social innovation this fall. It should be an amazing place to work.


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