PAX Prime 2012: Nerd Famous

One of interesting parts of PAX is seeing all the people I know from shows on the internet in real life. I think it’s one part cool and two parts surreal, since they look so familiar I feel the compulsion to say hello, but then I realize that they have no idea who I am.  Fortunately, everyone I’ve ever said hi to or asked to take pictures with at PAX has been very gracious about it – another thing I appreciate about PAX.

My S.O. John (tall cutie on the far right) & I caught Jamie Dillion (far left) & Levin Sadsad (middle right) outside the Penny Arcade merch booth. I consider them part of the Penny Arcade crew since they’re on Penny Arcade the series, even though Jamie actually works for Penny Arcade’s charity, Child’s Play, and Levin does his own work but coworks at the Penny Arcade offices and is married to PA staffer Erika Sadsad. This is all to say, I consider them nerd famous, and I think that made Levin a little confused as to why we wanted a picture with him.

Even in the middle of the madness of PAX, Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade had time to take a picture with me.

Mr. Holkins is a seriously nice guy.

Me and Jen Zee, the artist for the video game Bastion.

My S.O. John with Jen Zee. John and Jen Zee went to high school together, which is pretty cool considering that Bastion is one of John’s favorite games. It was really neat for them to get the chance to catch up.

My friend Amy Sutedja (far right), myself, and John with Keith Baker, the creator of the Eberron D&D campaign setting. A couple of years back, Keith stayed with Amy during a grand tour/ road trip and ran an Eberron game for our group. It was nice to catch Keith’s Eberron panel and to say hi to him, however briefly.

This was as close a picture as I could get to one of my favorite events at PAX, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz and Wil Wheaton’s annual D&D game.  The big demon statue guy on the screen behind the stage is the exact replica for the big demon statue guy on one of the original D&D books.


ADDENDUM: I almost forgot my favorite nerd famous moment that I somehow didn’t get a picture of.  Some friends of mine and I were at Baguette Box when we saw Alex Steacey from Loading Ready Run walk in. We got to chat with him for a few minutes, then I went out to talk to Cam from LRR and Ian from Desert Bus, plus a couple of their friends. It was really cool to run into Cam, Alex & Ian and talk with them about how much I like their work and the state of Canadian politics.


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