PARK(ing) Day 2012 on Capitol Hill

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As Justin Carder of Capitol Hill Seattle blog noted, there were only two PARK(ing) Day parks on Cap Hill this year. Though I was sad to see that there were fewer parks on the Hill this year than in the past, Daniel (first set of park slides) and Schemata Workshop (second set of park slides) put on a good show.

I ran into Daniel outside of Ada’s Technical Books, where he had set up his park with voter registration forms and postcards to send to friends and family. He (with the help of his boyfriend) set it up on his own, and I think his was the only park set up by an individual, and not an organization.  It was lovely to chat with him about buildings in the neighborhood (he’s pursuing a PhD in architectural history at UW) and wave cheerily at roaming drivers giving us the evil eye as they searched for open parking spots on North Broadway.

Schemata had a really nice setup outside their office on 12th, complete with haybales, fresh produce from Amaranth Farms, and chickens courtesy of one the Schemata employees.  While I was there, a rolling bicycle beer garden showed up, complete with a keg of Manny’s, boombox and treats from Sugar Bakery.  Apparently they visited every PARK(ing) Day Park in the city – nice guys.


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