Capitol Hill Sunday Best

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Yesterday was a perfect September day in Seattle: clear, bright, stupid gorgeous, with temperatures that hovered between 50 and 60 degrees.  This is the perfect weather for snappy dressing, as it is cool enough to allow layering but warm enough to leave home your parka. Capitol Hill took full advantage, and was out in it’s Sunday best.

It was too much to take without taking pictures, so I got up my courage to ask these fine folks if I could take their photos and post them on the internets.  I think it’s a nice sample of yesterday’s fashion display, but it by no means comprehensive. I was way too shy for that.

PS For the readers who are asking why there are two pictures of Felix the Cat in a fashion post, it should be obvious: cats are great, and inherently fashionable. Don’t hate.


4 responses to “Capitol Hill Sunday Best

    • Thanks! I’ll do my best to post up more pretty pictures 😀
      Also, I love your blog – Sound & Toy is supercute! It also has the best Blogger template I’ve ever seen. What filter do you use to get those great photos?

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