Schlitzkrieg 2012, Part I: Beer Journey to the Kitsap Peninsula

LexiconGirl of the Penny Arcade forums set up a truly epic beer tour for PAX attendees – 12 breweries in 14 hours, all on the Monday after PAX. The first leg of our mighty beer journey started on the Kitsap Peninsula….

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Our Kitsap brewery stops were:

Hood Canal Brewery
The Dosewallips Special ale was nice, sweet and clear. The Big Beef Oatmeal Stout was suitably roasty toasty, a nice beer for fall and winter.  We bought a bottle of their barleywine, which John was very partial to after a sample.

Valholl Brewing
Valholl had some of my favorite beers of the tour. John and I bought a growler of their delicious Poulsbo Abbey Wit, which had a lovely sweet finish and a touch of citrus and spice.  The Nitro Cream of Porter was very creamy & had a burnt dark flavor without being bitter.  Chief Brewer Jeff also let us have a taste of Valholl’s Firkinhammer, a special brew that they’re going to serve once they move to their new location. The Firkinhammer was….wow. John described it as “the cognac of beer”. I didn’t think that beer could be so richly sweet, with such a depth of flavor….and so alcoholic.

Note: Along with picking up some delicious beer, the tour also picked up Jeff, the Chief Brewer of Valholl Brewing.

Sound Brewery
Sound Brewery ALSO had some of my favorite beers of the tour. Their Dubbel Entrendre and Tripel Entendre were both amazing. If you’ve had a Belgian Dubble or Tripel, you have an idea of what these tasted like, but if you haven’t…. It’s hard to describe in terms of American beers. If anything, they reminded me of Valholl’s Firkinhammer.

Slippery Pig
I wasn’t terribly impressed with any of the beers at Slippery Pig, but they did have a gorgeous spread.

Silver City
Silver City’s Fat Scotch Ale was fascinating. It was malty and, um, vegetal. Apparently, that’s the peaty flavor. I don’t know if I’d drink it everyday, but it was neat to try.


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