The Fantastic Tessa Hulls at Breadline (9/19/12)

The Breadline Performance Series happens on a magical evening every third Thursday at Vermillion, a cozy womb of a bar tucked in between Barca and the entrance to Annex Theater on 11th Ave. In my experience, Breadline seems like it’s mostly about reading poetry, and then sometimes something weird happens. Something weird that is also amazing.

The weird and amazing thing that happened in the September Breadline was Tessa Hulls and her illustrated talk on the creative process. The full title is “What We Make When We’re Not Making: An Exploration of Downtime in the Creative Process…As Explained by Hairties”. Just believe me, it’s great. You can watch it below, or follow the link below the video player to Vimeo.

[Thank you to the lovely Amy Billharz for filming the event!]

Breadline September 2012: Tessa Hulls from Amy Billharz on Vimeo.

Tessa is doing some more amazing weird stuff with the January LitCrawl. She says it involves a music video of her rapping in iambic pentameter about the awesomeoness of Seattle libraries. There may be a flash mob involved. Stay tuned.


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