Schitzkrieg 2012, Part II: Beer Harder (SoDo, Georgetown & Phinney Ridge)

At long last, I’m finally writing about the 2nd half of the gargantuan 12 hour long PAXian beer tour that was Schlitzkrieg. So you get an idea of where we went, Epic, Two Beers & Odin Brewing are all in SODO/ Georgetown, and Lantern is up in Phinney Ridge.

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The rest of our brewery stops were:

Epic Ales

I desperately wanted to try Epic’s lambic, Black Cherry Void, but I did not get the chance D:  However, the berlinerweisser we got to try (Epic’s PartyTime with homemade strawberry syrup) made my visit. I wasn’t so sure about flavored sugar water with beer, but it totally worked – PartyTime had a tart, kind of funky yeasty flavor that went very well with the strawberry.

Two Beers

I liked all the beers we tried here, which is pretty amazing since this was stop seven out of twelve. The Infused 20/20 was like nothing I’d ever had before – a nice sweet, light beer infused with lavender, currant, elderberry, & rooibos. Very interesting, and not too herbal. I also liked their Pumpkin Spice beer, but my S.O. thought it was too clove-y. Their Belgian Wit was very nice too.

Odin Brewing

I was pretty beered-out by this point, so I only tried Freya’s Gold rather than sampling all three of the beers Odin had on offer. I wasn’t terribly impressed by Freya’s, but this could be mostly due to it being late in the tour than anything wrong with the beer. My favorite part of this stop was the brewery dogs, who were hysterical. They were super enthused by all the nice people who came to visit them, and in between their mad wriggling in response to petting, they snorted and trooped all over the place.

Lantern Brewing

This was really the last stop where I paid any attention to the beer, and I was happy that I did. The Blanch Cerise was loverly, tart & bright & sweet, tasting lightly of cherries. The SXS was interesting – the taste was of nice beer and the smoke of a beach bonfire. Not smoke-y, just smoke. I don’t know if I’d want to drink it all the time, but I was delighted to have experienced it.

I think this was the tiniest of the breweries that we visited on the tour. The whole place was tucked away in the basement of a small apartment building, and their signage for the brewery was a piece of paper tacked to the siding.  According to their Facebook page, they’ve since moved to a bigger location in the northern part of Greenwood.

NW Peaks

I didn’t try the beer at NW Peaks because by that time of the night (around 8 or 9ish) I was DONE. For some reason, however, I was still up for taking pictures of their very nice brewery setup in the back of their pub. You can see the pictures above.

Naked City & Three Skulls

Again, didn’t try the beer, and by this point I was so tired I was napping sitting at the table.  But they seemed like nice places, as far as I could tell, so I figured I should at least put in their links.


Final verdict: I like beer a lot more than I thought I did! Also, 4-6 breweries over the course of the day is more my speed, than say, a dozen.  That said, it was still a super-great experience and I got to visit a lot of great breweries that I would have never discovered otherwise.  Thanks again, LexiconGirl!


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