Happy Thanksgiving and Buy Nothing Day!

Hello gentle readers, and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you’ll have a pleasant holiday, either with family, friends, or happily by yourself.  There’s another holiday coming right up, popularly known as Black Friday, of if you’re a big damn hippie like myself, Buy Nothing Day.

I’ve personally never understood the charm of cramming yourself into shopping malls and districts with hundreds of other harried shoppers, all while you’re still working off the grogginess of the food from the day before.  Amazing savings are not worth that level of awful. But now that it’s so easy to shop online, why participate?

1. It’s still a symbolic refusal of the excesses of capitalism and the commercialization of the winter holidays. Even if you’re down with capitalism, the excesses/ commercialization get pretty ugly. I’d rather have the hols be about spending time with people I like and eating delicious foods, not about buying stuff.

2. If you have Thanksgiving and the Friday after it off, how do you really want to spend your precious holiday time?  Shopping (online or off, still takes time and tedious work) or doing more fun things? Like reading, sleeping in, spending time with people you like, eating leftovers, walking all that food off, or frankly, just about anything.

3. Maybe the hiatus from buying things will give you, as Adbusters says, “an unexpected, emancipatory epiphany!”  I’ve found that the changes in my buying and consumption habits have been more gradual, but you never know.

4. It’s a nice way to start off your OccupyXmas season.  AdBusters recently shifted from Buy Nothing Christmas to a support local/ indie retailers Christmas, renamed in honor of the Occupy Movement. Deciding not to give material gifts or any presents at all, or going all DIY is great too  : )

PS Almost forgot – Shop the Hill is doing a Black Friday sale/ promo all this weekend.  This means that dozens of Capitol Hill businesses are doing coordinated holiday sales, where. More info here: http://capitolhillseattle.com/shopthehill. I guess if you start your shopping local in Friday, that’ll be ok. But you can still take the day off & just support your neighborhood businesses on Saturday  instead ^_~


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