Yay, the Jeffy!: Grand Opening Celebration of The Jefferson, Capitol Hill Housing’s Newest Building (10/19/12)

Pretty pictures first, fun facts below:

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These facts were posted up around the building when we went around on the grand tour.  It was really cute, and a really great idea.

  • The Jefferson has maintenance free cladding that is warrantied for 40 years, and maintenance free laminate flooring that is warrantied for 25 years.
  • The Jefferson was originally zone to go up to four stories, but that would only allow 24 units of affordable housing.  A contract rezone allowed the building to add 2 stories and another 16 affordable units.
  • Over 170 people worked onsite to build The Jefferson, clocking in over 34,000 hours on the project.
  • The Jefferson’s south and west facing residential windows have high efficiency triple paned glass.
  • Each unit has a high efficiency heat recovery ventilation system. Tenants should benefit from the resulting lower utility bills.
  • Each unit has individual hot and cold water meters as a water conservation measure (i.e. you see it, you save it).
  • The plumbing material in The Jeffy is an innovation product called “Aquatherm”. It is more durable than PVC and more cost effective than copper.
  • The Jeffy has a high efficiency gas  boiler.
  • In 1926 a gas station was the first known development onsite. There was petroleum contamination on site that required remediation. The responsible party cleaned up the “dirty dirt”, and construction continued on a clean site.

In brief, the Jeffy is a lovely building full of affordable housing that has excellent views and some really great combo money-saving/ green building features. It also is a much better use for the NE corner of 12th and Jefferson than a sad empty lot.

If you want to read more, check out CHS Blog’s post on the Jeffy.

(PS Sorry it took me so long to post this up, thought I did it, but I hadn’t because I’d never gotten around to putting up the fun facts. Derp.)


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