The Bullitt Center Under Construction: Beautiful Building, Beautiful Views

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I wandered by the under construction Bullitt Center back in October and took a bunch of pictures in the beautiful autumnal sunlight (remember that?). I also got to meet Ralph Hendrix, the superintendant from Schchart in charge of the Bullitt Center site.  We got to talking, and he offered me a tour of the construction site. I didn’t get around to taking him up on that til about the middle of this month, but the wait was well worth it. I’ll be posting (the rest of) my photos and notes from my that tour soon, but first I wanted to share my pictures from that gorgeous fall day (some views from my tour of the construction site are also included).

Why you should care about this building, besides the fact that I think it’s pretty: The Bullitt Center website says the Bullitt Center will be the greenest commercial building in the world. From what I saw and heard during my tour, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.  Stay tuned.


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