Sunday with Maenads in the Park: Midday Veil Music Video Shoot


This is Tessa Hulls. You’ll see her again in the slideshow below, but she deserves her own space in this post. Because the….shenanigans (?) I got carried up and swept away with are all her fault.

Tessa put out an invite for her and her neighbor’s apartment warming party, so I picked an appropriately large bunch of arugula (see right) and headed over. After a pleasant time drinking mimosas and eating tea eggs, the party broke up – Tessa to her illustrating and the her neighbors to… dressing up as maenads and running around in the Arboretum. To shoot a music video for Midday Veil.

They had me at maenads.

Below is my photo recounting of the day. This is a longer slideshow than usual because, well, it was a long day.  A long, amazing day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some more details on the video: Goddess-witch incites/invokes women to turn into maenads and run ravenously after (Midday Veil lead singer) David Golightly. They catch him and then bury him alive. There might be more, but that’s what I caught from talking to the crew and watching the filming. I think the next day they were going to film a bit where the maenads devour a cake in the shape of said lead singer, but I’m not really clear on where that fits in.

Also, this whole things was directed by Steven Miller, who really likes this sort of thing and was delighted he got the chance to film maenads chasing and burying David.


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